Scam 2020: The Digital Deepak Scam

If you search for “Digital Deepak” or “Deepak Kanakraju” you will find a person who is crushing the heights of digital marketing and building a strong personal brand. I have been into one of his internship programs and will guide you through the details of how it was, perks, workflow, and is it worth your money?

Starting from the beginning, 2020 may not have been a great year mainly because of the Coronavirus, but the year has been great for many enthusiasts who just wanted to learn and educate themselves in the field of Digital Marketing. It is considered that due to coronavirus every industry has been threatened to some extent, but Digital marketing stayed intact.


If you want to pursue this as a career you get many options. Some of them are:

  1. A digital marketing freelancer
  2. A digital marketing mentor
  3. Have your own digital marketing agency
  4. Become a digital marketing consultant
  5. And yes, you can still get a job as a digital marketeer

Well, we have been taught that we need to have some kind of certificate to enter into the industry and you might be thinking we might need an MBA degree to be a digital marketeer.

But actually, this is not true. You don’t need a degree to learn Digital Marketing. We live in an era of revolutionizing technology and everyday algorithms of computers we use changes rapidly, our education system can’t even cope with change and we need advanced structures to learn all this.

We all agree to the fact that the only way to learn a thing for free will be from YouTube, but even when professionals try to explain the content it is not well structured enough, and then people end up getting even farther from the idea.

So, this means if I go on Udemy or Coursera or learn from any individual, it will cost me a lot of money, and I might learn the fundamentals, but such courses will be unable to provide fundamental experience.

What we want is deep knowledge and tons of experience to be a master. Let me add a bonus point, what if you can get mentored by an expert who has much practical knowledge than any Marketer out there and you can learn it for free.


It is a Marketing internship program created by Deepak Kanakraju. A Digital Marketing expert who has experience of more than 8 years and counting

The program is structure is as follow:

  1. Success Mindset
  2. Marketing fundamentals
  3. Niche, Audience & Keyword Research
  4. Creating your blog
  5. Content writing & video making
  6. Social media marketing
  7. Lead generation
  8. SEO
  9. Facebook ads
  10. Google ads
  11. Marketing automation
  12. Sales & copywriting

Bonus section:

  1. Getting your dream job interview
  2. Freelancing & Agency
  3. Affiliate Marketing
  4. Digital Mentorship

Let me walk you through the program

First things first, This internship program is for free, the only condition is you need to get all your assignments approved. Speaking as a student it was an easy part.

Whenever we get a free course or training program, we start it with a lot of enthusiasm, and then life happens. We get busy and never finish the program. To overcome this habit of procrastination Deepak has evolved a method by leveraging our money. So, you pay them a security deposit, the deposit gets divided on each assignment and as soon as your assignment gets approved you get money back for that assignment, so what happens if your assignment gets rejected? Well, you get another chance!

So how does this program work? Each week you get a video made by Deepak, and then he guides you with the assignment with a live video call, where you can ask doubts from him. After that, you have a Q&A with one of his team members where they explain any query that you may have and how to get through the assignment.

With all this, what we love most is working with other people, we love to be in groups. Don’t worry he got your back. You will be provided a link to a Telegram group and not only this, you get a free personality test in the beginning, so each batch gets divided into 16 groups and then you have the option to get into a WhatsApp group of similar minds. Sounds pretty insane right!

This is not the end of bonuses, Firstly you get a 4-week bonus video on; Getting your dream job interview; Freelancing & Agency; Affiliate Marketing; Digital Mentorship, and some gifts and surprises too(which depends on batch to batch)

In case you’re wondering if there is an age requirement, it doesn’t matter if you are a student like me or a professional or an entrepreneur, you can enroll in this program irrespective of your current position. After all this, the main question is how to get into the program?

You don’t have to pay any amount right now. He regularly gets on the free webinars, just try them out and get a vibe check.

When I first heard about him, I was a bit scared that how could he give all that for free. So I tried some of his webinars and that is how I started my journey. 

You can start by just clicking on the link give below and wait for an email from Deepak himself.

“Digital Deepak Internship Program”

This internship program is based on batches, I was in batch 4 and if you want to find out yours click on the link to get a mail. You will be provided with a link to a live launch webinar for your batch where Deepak will explain everything in detail. Security deposit and all the queries will be considered in the webinar.

If you have any queries please comment down below.


Priyanshu Kaushal

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