Power Of Questions

“Answer to every question starts with the correct question.”

We are born blank, we learn things from our surrounding and parents. We ask questions, a lot of questions as we grow. What is this? Who are you? How can I live life like a legend? How to remember? How to work smart? How can I make my first million?

We all ask questions, all of us do.

Let me ask you a good one. Why are you reading this?

Go on, answer it!

Are you here to learn something? Or is that you were just bored and wanted to read something?

Either way you are in a good place.

Let me tell you about a great weapon, Greatest weapon of all time, a thing between your ears- “Your Brain”.

It has all the solutions! Yes, all the solutions! When I say this the 1st question comes to your mind is “What?”,”How?”.

Just talk to any successful person you know in your life or read a book, only thing you will be able to notice is that they are talking about “Successful Mindset”.

Next question pops up in our mind is, what is this Successful Mindset? How can I get it?

Well the term is self explanatory, but the important question is “How can i get it?”.

See, as we are moving forward your mind is asking new questions. Now why does this happen in the first place? Answer to that is because of “consciousness”. It’s our consciousness that has helped us for thousands of years to survive, we can’t run at 120 KMPH, we can’t camouflage, we can’t dive under sea in thousands of meters, we can’t fly on our own. It’s consciousness that we are gifted with. 

This consciousness gives rise to questions, and these questions fed to our mind, give solutions!

So why is it important to ask the correct question? Or is it even important to ask questions?

Let me tell you an example:

A person who is poor and barely able to afford food and shelter sees a delicious cake in a shop. He checks his pocket and sees a few coins, he says: “I can’t afford this!”, that’s it! Game of life ends there. No matter what happens in his life he will reach the same level where he is now.

Now we come across another person, another poor person with the same situation, sees the very same delicious cake. Checks his pocket, sees the same number of coins and says:”How can I afford this?”.

How can I win his/her heart?

How can I crack that entrance exam?

How can I be a Millionaire?

To live a life like a Legend it doesn’t take much. Just a few correct questions can change your whole life. Just a few words can change your entire life. 

You get what you deserve. You deserve what you ask for.

Getting to the true potential of life is easy if you ask correct questions.

What am I going to lose if I don’t do this?” Now this is a very powerful question you could ever ask! This question is literally the solution to half of my problems. And I highly recommend you to write it down, so you could remember it. Practice this question, it will surely help you to take control of your life.

Now no matter how great I write. Nothing is going to change in your life if you don’t apply it.

So I want you to follow these three steps:


  1. Grab a journal, write down what you want in your life.

Maybe it’s a car, new house, new job, anything that you want in your life, just write it down

  1. Now write down “Why?” Why do you want to be a millionaire? Why do you want to get a new job? Why do you want to get on top of life?
  2. Final step is “How?” How are you going to get that thing or person or job?

It might be possible when you try to write ‘HOW’ nothing pops up in 1st try, give another chance to yourself, still not working no problem give another one, don’t force too much just let your mind flow. 

Thinking about the goal will help you to see opportunities around you. And don’t worry if you try again and again because at the end it’s your goal, and every try is worth it.

These three steps seem to be very easy, but they are hard to do. That’s why no one does it. Try it, give it a shot. Simplicity is rare, you can easily create mess in your life if you follow and work according to traditional ways which society teaches us. You see Google homepage nowadays doesn’t have many options. Just a search button and a logo.

“Life holds it’s beauty in simplicity”.

If you find this useful, share it with your loved ones, the best gift you can give to a person is a gift of knowledge, no can steal it and it just grows.

If you have any queries comment down below…


Priyanshu Kaushal


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