How to speak flawlessly?

You are sitting in an interview and the employer asks you to tell about yourself. You have practiced this a dozen times so somehow, the starting of the interview went well. Now they start asking questions from your domain. Although you have quite a good knowledge of your courses, still you fizzle around, and then anxiety kicks in, all your ideas are getting completely mixed.

No matter how good you are at one thing, we all have encountered such situations.

Let’s understand why this happens.

We all agree our brain works at a great speed, which means we can think faster than we can react.

Talking numbers, our brain can process around 1000 average information in a second, but we can say just four to five words per second when it comes to speaking.

This means when you are expressing your ideas, you can transfer information by speaking at a certain rate, on the other hand, your brain would have thought of many other parts to info.

That’s why things start to mix up while narrating a story, we say: The 1st person did this then the 2nd one did that, then again come back to the 1st person maybe move to the 3rd person, and so your every next info is taking the listener away from the target.

You try to recall every piece of info, but as it’s collected in parts, when you try to convey, everything is in parts, the person standing in front of you can never receive the exact message.

I am not saying it’s your fault, or you are a bad storyteller, it’s just how naturally we function.

The main question arises, what’s the solution for this?

I used to be the person, but the thing that helped me is a bit counterintuitive.

You just have to try to write down your thoughts.

If we compare our writing speed, it’s much slower than our speaking speed. You can’t write as fast as you can speak.

Practicing what to write gives us an idea about the necessary points in the story that one shall narrate to get a clear message.

This allows our brain to set a filter, a barrier to the only necessary information to come out, so that next time if you try to speak, you speak what’s necessary.

To do this, you can set up a blog, where you write about life experiences, or even better try to narrate your day before going to bed in a journal.

I know it’s hard to follow such rituals. So just don’t write it daily, opt for a particular day in a week, say it be on Wednesday. Set a reminder, for the same. Try this for the 1st month, then you can slowly increase the intensity of the days.

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Priyanshu Kaushal

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