How to speak flawlessly?

You are sitting in an interview and the employer asks you to tell about yourself. You have practiced this a dozen times so somehow, the starting of the interview went well. Now they start asking questions from your domain. Although you have quite a good knowledge of your courses, still you fizzle around, and then anxiety kicks in, all your ideas are getting completely mixed.

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Smartphones! How to quit the Addiction?

Have you ever imagined 24 hours without any screen on a single go? To be very honest I can’t, and I think no one can, and the way tech makes our life easy nobody should. But at the same time keeping a track of the time when you are in the virtual world is important.

“Keep that phone of yours aside and start doing the work. Kids these days are always stuck on phones. You will damage your eyes.” We all have heard such statements at least once. The worst part is they are true.

It’s completely understood that all we have got now is this virtual world in our hands but this can’t lessen the importance of the basic human touch.

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Power Of Questions

“Answer to every question starts with the correct question.”

We are born blank, we learn things from our surrounding and parents. We ask questions, a lot of questions as we grow. What is this? Who are you? How can I live life like a legend? How to remember? How to work smart? How can I make my first million?

We all ask questions, all of us do.

Let me ask you a good one. Why are you reading this?

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